Frequently Asked Questions

How much does IT Support Cost?

On average, hourly IT support for business costs range from $150-$275 per hour. This can of course vary wildly based on your location, the services needed, emergency service needs, and the time commitment required to solve the issue.

What is the cloud?

Basically, instead of storing and accessing programs and files from a computer in your office, you're storing and accessing them from someone else's via the internet. You don't need to buy enough hardware to handle everything yourself, you can simply pay for the cloud service. Companies who provide cloud services have huge data centers that are dedicated to this purpose.

How long does a Mobile App take for development?

A basic Mobile App can be developed in 8 weeks. The average extensive Mobile App takes 6-18 months for full development.

Why choose True North over other providers?

With rich technical expertise, we take a comprehensive approach to managing technology and have a proven record of delivering high-quality IT support services. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and gauge our success by this factor. We maintain a competitive edge in dealing with every new technology while being abreast of the changing regulatory changes across the verticals we serve.

What States/Cities does True North Support?

As a US-based Technology Company, True North caters to the business requirements in various US locations. True North holds a rich expertise in Consulting and managed services and has been actively serving IT companies of all sizes for years. True North GS team of IT experts offer expertise in all areas of IT infrastructure support, along with backup and recovery, cloud infrastructure maintenance, and software development services.