Our Core Services

With our Technical Consulting experience, we enable State and Federal Government agencies to streamline network infrastructure, maintain information security, and control costs. We leverage our experience as a Premier Google, VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix partner to help virtualize your government IT environment.

Cyber Security Solutions

Companies of every size are experiencing cyber attacks. This ranges from phising attacks to physical attacks such as eavesdropping. These destructive consequences that can compromise your data and promulgate cyber crimes such as information and identity theft


Networking is the fastest growing area in IT. We are here to help build, maintain, and use your hardware, software, and protocols to their full potential. Our professionals in the networking technology field are required to be highly analytical and detail-oriented to fully assist clients.

IT & Cloud Management

Whether you have a hybrid, private, or public cloud infrastructure, we provide oversight and management of your systems. Cloud environments offer availability of data storage and computing power that our clients need to handle high volumes of data and growing demand for remote access.

Software Development

We build customized solutions that are more efficient and more adjustable to your needs. Our custom software avoids integration issue and can easily fit within any business’ software ecosystem and enable integration with other software packages without errors.

Managed Web Application Hosting

We deliver comprehensive web application level support for industry-leading applications. True North GS also provides a full range or reliable, flexible web app hosting solutions for your custom web applications.

508 Compliance

We are uniquely qualified to address your concern with 508 compliance. Accessibility practices should be at the forefront for all users well before any site or software is designed and developed. We understand the need to be able to access sites without hindrance.

Benefits of Our Service

Significant IT Cost Savings

Importantly, with the reduction of IT infrastructure and maintenance costs and the cutting or reduction of dedicated employee resources for IT, True North GS often provides substantial IT cost savings in both the short and long run.

Improved IT Inventory Management

Hiring True North GS offers flat fee plans that allow your company to get an easier handle on your overall IT inventory management and permitting for predictable monthly and annual IT budgets.

Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity

We provide reliable layers of the latest cybersecurity protection through firewalls, applications, monitoring, filtering, and other protective measures. We have the technology and expertise to keep hackers out or to quickly rid the system of their presence if they do penetrate your layered defenses.

Peace of Mind

Through our emphasis on the important services of Back-ups, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity we offer your company what it needs the most: peace of mind! With our services your management and employees can rest easy knowing that all your important data are comprehensively backed-up at a secure remote location. In the event of a man made or natural event, we can quickly restore operations.


What makes us reliable

Our services are consistently of top quality and unmatched performance in everything we do.

Fast & New Equipment

When equipment goes out we are there with new equipment quickly to ensure your company stays operational.

Dedicated Support Team

Each client will get a team of technicians that will monitor their system 24/7, 365 days a year.